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Technology Spillovers of FDI from Different Sources in China: An Empirical Test Based on Simultaneous Equation Model Est... [ 2009-05-14 ]
Author:  Long    Juanjie
Abstract:  Most studies of technology spillovers are examined from a single equation and considered that the technology spillovers of FDI are proportionally influenced by the ratio of foreign investments. These ...[more]
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Indigenous R&D,Technology Imports and Industrial Productivity across Regions of China [ ]
Author:  吴    延兵
Abstract:  本文运用1996-2003年中国省级水平面板数据研究自主研发、国外技术引进和国内技术引进对地区工业生产率的影响。在生产函数理论基础上,通过对自主研发存量和国内外技术引进存量的核算,以及运用一阶差分法和固定效应法等不同的估计方法,本文发现自主研发和国外技术引进对生产率有显著促进作用,但国内技术引进对生产率并没有显著影响。自主研发、国外技术引进对生产率的影响也表现出明显的地区差异:自主研发只对中东部地...[more]
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Indigenous R&D,Technology Imports and Industrial Productivity across Regions of China [ ]
Author:  Wu    Yanbing
Abstract:  The paper is dedicated to probing into the effects of indigenous R&D, foreign and domestic technology imports on industrial productivity across regions of China by using the province-level panel d...[more]
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The Effects of Expected TransportImprovements on Housing Prices and Price Spatial Distribution [ ]
Author:  GU    JIE
Abstract:  Improvements in public transport were commonly found to have a positive effect on the price of housing. However, there have been few investigations of expected transport improvements. This paper is an...[more]
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Nutrition, Health and Earnings in China
Author:  Zhichao    Yin
Abstract:  This paper gives new evidence about the relationship between nutrition, health and earnings in China. Using China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS) data and estimating by 2SLS and Fixed Effects model...[more]
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The Effects of Housing Reform on Durables Consumption in China [ 2008-03-29 ]
Author:  Zhichao    Yin
Abstract:  Housing reform in China provides a large positive wealth shock to a significant portion of households in China. Using China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS) data, we find that households who had ben...[more]
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Callateral and Asymetric Informaiton in Credit Markets [ ]
Author:  Yin    Zhichao
Abstract:  本文运用某国有银行省分行的企业借款信息,采用线性概率模型和非线性Logit模型,运用截面数据和面板数据的估计方法,研究了在银行信贷管理中抵押的作用。我们发现,抵押对贷款违约率具有显著的正向影响;抵押对利率也具有显著的正向影响。我们的结果支持道德风险模型的预测,即差客户提供抵押,利率的风险溢价也较高;提供抵押的客户违约率也就比较高。因此,在我国的信贷市场上如何防范道德风险是贷款合约设计的一个关键问题。[more]
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论能源使用效率与国民经济运行效率的关联性调控 [ ]
Author:  Fang    Xingming
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Abstract:  以高耗能为特征的重化工业的快速扩张在推动我国GDP高速增长的同时,也造成能源消耗过快问题。但是,能源消耗总量的庞大只是问题的表象,在这一表象之后所潜藏的深层次问题是我国的能源生产、转换和使用系统的各个环节均存在着粗放和低效问题。国家十一五规划把能源使用效率的提高列为重点战略目标,即十一五末万元GDP能耗水平达到0.98吨标准煤,比十五期间下降20%,并采取相应的调控政策,以促使该目标的实现。这一重...[more]
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