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The Online Application for the Individual Membership
The Online Application for the Institutional Membership

Please join the Chinese Economic Society if you are interested in our activities. The CES memberships include: individual membership and institutional membership. The individual membership includes regular membership, family member membership, student membership, and lifetime membership. The institutional membership includes non-profit membership and business membership.

As a CES member, you will be eligible to the following benefits under CES bylaw (based on Amendment to the CES Membership, approved by the CES BOD on Sept 10, 2011):

The individual members of the Chinese Economist Society (CES) receive available logistic subsidies at the CES annual conference, register for the CES annual conference at discounted early-bird registration rate, propose paper presentations or discussion panels for CES events at ASSA/AEA annual meetings without a submission fee, have submission fee to China Economic Review (CER) waived (pending on amendment of CES-CER Agreement) and are eligible to apply for CES-Chow Short-term Teaching Program and be nominated for Gregory Chow Best Paper Award, or join other CES activities for members. All members have voting and election rights defined in the CES bylaws and will be included in the CES Email list.

The institutional members are entitled to post job advertisements and event announcements without charges on the CES web site and CES Email net (CES-L) with the approval of the CES Office, to make one free presentation slot at CES business meeting at ASSA/AEA annual meetings with the approval of the president, to receive two complementary registrations for the CES annual conference, to be listed in the CES annual conference program and to be included in the CES Email list.

Membership Dues

1. Individual membership               
  • Student membership: $15 per year. Student status must be certified by a faculty adviser or school registrar with written verification, or copy of Student ID.
  • Regular membership$40 per year.    
  • Family membership$15 per year, for person living at the same address as a direct family member of a regular member).            
  • Lifetime membership: $1,000 lump sum. For senior members (have served on the Board of Directors), the lifetime membership is $300 lump sum.

2. Institutional membership        

  • Non-profit institution membership: $2,500 per year.
  • Business institution membership: $10,000 per year.  

To apply for individual membership, you can submit your application online by clicking here.

To apply for institutional membership, you can submit your application online by clicking here.

The CES has established an email list for group communications at Here is the instruction for sign on or sign off the list:

To join the list: send an email with no subject and “subscribe ces-l” in the email body using your new email address
To sign off from the list: send an email to from your email on the list with (1) no subject, and (2) an exact line “unsubscribe ces-l” in the email body of the email.
Please make sure to send to the right email address ( and include only the line in the body of your email text.