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Author:  郝睿
Abstract:  本文采用两种生产边界方法(数据包络法DEA和随机边界法SFA)将中国30个省1978-2003年的劳均GDP增长分解为物质资本积累、人力资本投入、效率改善(技术转移)和技术进步所贡献的经济增长,然后采用绝对收敛方程考察了这四个因素的收敛效应。实证结果表明,效率改善是唯一使得地区间差距趋于缩小的因素,但是其作用随时间推移逐步减小,地区差距发展趋势不容乐观,特别是西部有被进一步边缘化的风险。
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Energy Security and Long-run Stable Growth of Chinese Economy
Author:  Zili Yang
Abstract:  Rapid economic growth of China in past two decades, thanks to the economic reform and “open door” policies, has changed the energy situation of China completely. China transformed into a significant p...[more]
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Insuring Rural China's Health? An Empirical Analysis of China's New Cooperative Medical System [ ]
Author:  Yuanyuan Yan
Abstract:  Although health is an important factor in economic development, millions of China抯 rural residents have no medical coverage. Nearly 10 percent of those that were sick in rural China consciously did no...[more]
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Dynamic Model of Selected US Airlines [ ]
Author:  Ying Fang
Abstract:  We develop a dynamic model of collusion in city-pair routes for selected US arilines and specifies the first order conditions using a state-space representation that is estimated by Kalman-filtering t...[more]
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Education, Migration, and Occupational Choice in Rural China [ ]
Author:  Zhiqiang Liu
Abstract:  This study examines the determinants of rural-urban migration paying special attention to the role of human capital externalities in the rural sector. Using data from a well-known household survey in ...[more]
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How Do FDI Productivity Spillovers Actually Take Place? Some Evidence from China [ 2006-06-10 ]
Author:  Xiaowen Tian
Abstract:  Abstract: Prior studies focus on whether the presence of FDI affect productivity of domestic firms, but avoid the difficulty-to-answer question of how FDI productivity spillovers actually take place. ...[more]
Full-text paper link:   paper-CES2006-Tian.doc

Economies of Scope and Patterns of Global Outsourcing
Author:  Zhihao Yu
Abstract:  This paper presents a model in which economies of scope in production play a key role in a vertically-linked production structure.  It identifies the divergence in the degrees of economies o...[more]
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The Role of Oil Price Shocks on China’s Real Exchange Rate
Author:  Ying Huang
Abstract:  As China emerges as a major player in both international energy and foreign exchange markets, the issue of the linkage between oil shocks and the real exchange rates has become a perennial source of c...[more]
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