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The Chinese Economists Society (CES) is a non-profit academic organization registered in the United States. The aim of the Society is to promote scholarly exchanges among its members and contribute to the advancement and dissemination of economics and management sciences in China. 

 The CES currently has hundreds of active individual members and dozens of institutional members. Over years more than two thousand individuals have joined the CES from from universities, research institutes, and other public or private organizations throughout North America, Asia, Europe and other regions of the world. Most current individual members of the CES are Chinese scholars and students of economics and related fields in North America. In recent years, the CES has also attracted more and more scholars and students of non-Chinese background who are interested in the studies of the Chinese economy.

 Since many CES members are from mainland China and some of them have returned there and are playing leading roles in various sectors, the Society is probably the most influential group that bridges academic exchanges in economics and related areas between the North America and China. The combination of many CES members’ deep roots in China and knowledge of modern economics gives the CES the competitive edge in the profession. It also helps the CES develop channels to influence the Chinese economic policies and advocate market-based reforms in China.

 The CES has endeavored to promote market-based reforms and open-door policy, encourage academic exchanges, and develop modern economic education in China. Since its founding, the CES has played an important role in bringing about fundamental changes in China’s economic system by influencing economic policy making in the country. A number of the Society’s members and former officials have been actively involved in China’s economic transition and reforms.

 The CES conducts a series of academic activities and professional programs on a regular basis. These include annual conferences, the Gregory Chow Teaching Programs, Visiting Scholar Programs, and academic publications. The CES-launched China Economic Review (CER), an English-language academic journal of worldwide circulation, is one of the most influential academic periodicals about the Chinese economy.

Every year a six-member Board of Directors and a President-elect are elected by the members to manage the Society for a one-year term. The CES continues to benefit from a distinguished advisory committee.


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