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Theme and topics
Address:University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Conference theme:
Economic Transformation and China’s Role in the World Economy

Conference Topics:

Trade and development
China's political economy and institutions
China's role in international trade
Demographics and household saving
Firm behaviors in China
Industrial upgrading and economic development
Domestic and international migration
International economics
Finance, Political Economy, and China’s Development
Emerging Transitional Trends toward Post-industrial Society
Government policy and intervention
Demand for Food Safety in China and the U.S. and Implications for Trade
Inequality and social welfare
Innovation and entrepreneurship
Regional economic development
Subjective well-being in China
The Auto Industry
Financial market
Human capital and labor market
Impacts of international trade
Rural development and Environment
Macroeconomics and growth
Microeconomics and econometrics
Population and aging
Public economics

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