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Regent Bylaws

The CES may designate a decision-making body charged with matters affecting the growth and future of the CES. This governing body will be termed as the CES Regents. The CES Regents shall appoint the Executive Director to a renewable three-year term. The Executive Director reports to the President. The CES Regents can advise, but not overrule the President and the Board on issues regarding annual operations. The CES Regents consists of three most recent past presidents, with the immediate past president as the Chair of the Regents (taking office on January 1 of the next year); the chairs of the Academic Publishing Council and the Finance Committee will be ex-officio voting members of the CES Regents, but will be required to withdraw when voting takes place regarding their respective Council/Committee affairs. In addition, two at-large members will be elected by the aforementioned five members; each at-large Regent will serve four years (with a two-year overlap). The President and Executive Director will be non-voting members of the CES Regents. The Executive Director, Academic Publishing Council, and the Financial Affairs Committee are expected to present periodic reports to the CES Regents.

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