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2014 CES Annual Conference

The Chinese Economists Society (CES) sucessfully held its 2014 China Annual Conference at Jinan University, Guangzhou city, on June 14-15. The conference was hosted by College of Economics at Jinan University. The general theme of the conference was “China’s Economic Reform and Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities”. The theme was discussed in 53 parallel sessions with selected 200 paper. There are more than 300 conference participants from China and many other countries. The conference attracted more than 30 Chinese medias and some of reports can be found at the following links:; Qiliang Ren (Vice Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council), Yufang Zhao(Vice Governor of Guangdong Province), Dawei Wei (Director of Department of Cultural and Educational Experts, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), Jun Hu (President of Jinan University), Jinlan Ni (President of CES) delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Two Nobel laureates Finn Kydland and James Mirrlees gave keynote speeches on “Economic Policy and the Growth of Nations” and “International Capital Flows and Global Inequality” respectively in the plenary sessions. The distinguished Chinese economists Zhiwu Chen, Li Gan, Wen Hai and Justin Yifu Lin also delivered keynote speeches in the plenary sessions. This year the Presidential Forum was held before the Conference at Jinan University on June 13th, 2014. 16 former presidents participated in the Forum and delivered speeches on China’s Further Reform and Institution Construction.
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