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ASSA/CES Business Meeting on January 4 Philladephia

The 2014 Chinese Economist Society (CES) Business Meeting and Reception were held on January 4 at the American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meetings in Philadelphia. Hunan University was the Co-sponsor of the reception. More than 100 CES members and friends attended the event. The meeting was well organized and received many positive comments.

The board director Jie He chaired the Business Meeting and reception. Current president Jinlan Ni announced a series of activities undertaken by the 2013-2014 CES leadership team. One new feature of the upcoming events is the 2014 CES North-America conference in Purdue University. Following CES traditional annual conference series, 2014 CES annual conference will be held at Jinan University at Guangzhou. Current BOD members Dr. Orn Bodvarsson and Dr. Yan Bai introduced post-conference publication, AEA/CES 2015 sessions, Chow teaching fellowship program and Best paper Awards programs.

CES had its 1st booth from January 3 to 5. The booth became a hub for participated Chinese universities and those scholars and students who are interested in Chinese economy. CES advisory member, an expert in East Asia economy, Professor Wing Thye Woo from UC Davis visited the booth and commented that the small gesture of setting up a booth this year sent the large message that CES has now grown into a large serious scholarly society. At reception, he offered his inspirational opening remarks regarding a within-USA CES conference in Purdue in addition to the annual in-China conference, and sent his warm congratulations to current board on boosting CES to the next level.

Professor Yanyang Yan, Associate Dean of School of Finance and Statistics at Hunan University delivered welcoming remarks and introduced Hunan University recruiting programs. Following her recruiting speech are additional 5 Chinese universities, including Vice-President Huiming Bian from Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Dean Renzeng Wang from South China University of Technology (SCUT), Dean Bingtao Song from Henan University, Dean Dapeng Liang from Harbin Institute of Technology, Vice Dean Hong Li from Shanghai Technology University. After the reception, more than 30 attendees joined dinner at E Mei Restaurant.
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