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     According to the Bylaws of the CES, Chinese students and scholars of economics and related fields in North America are eligible for CES Membership by application. Scholars who live outside North America but have studied in North America are also eligible for Membership through an application. Others may become Members by special permission of the President of the CES.
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      Note: Registering with us is FREE unless you choose to become a paid member, which qualifies you to benefits of full membership. If you just want to register without becoming a paid member, make sure you select the “Skip My Payment” option in Step 3. If you choose to be a paid member, the membership fee must be paid in US dollar online or by mail to our US office by credit card, check, or money order. All registered users can submit abstracts and papers, and register for conferences no matter they are paid members or not.
     注意:注册登录是免 费的,一旦注册登录就可递交论文或提要及报名注册年会。如果您仅需免 费注册登录,请在注册过程的第三步选择“Skip My Payment”。如果选 择成为付费会员,会员费必须以美元的方式在网上支付或邮寄至学会在美 国办公处;国内的会议账户无法接受会员费的缴纳。
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