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All ranks
Title: All ranks
Category: General Economics and Teaching
Employer The School of Economics and Business Administration at Beijing Normal University
Deadline: 2011-12-01
Post Date: 2010-11-03
Location: Beijing, China
Contact: 联系人:张秋兰老师 电话:86-10-58807847 传 真:86-10-58801867 E-mail: seba_hr@bnu.edu.cn For inquiry, please contact: Mrs. Zhang Qiulan Tel: 86-10-58807847 Fax: 86-10-58801867
Describe: 经济与工商管理学院2011年度海外人才招聘公告 北京师范大学经济与工商管理学院启动2011年度海外人才招聘计划,热忱欢迎海外学人加盟,并对海外人才实行特殊待遇,提供良好工作条件,为打造一流的具有深厚经济学底蕴的商学院共同努力。 所需包括但不限于经济学、国际经济与贸易、金融学、工商管理、会计、电子商务等。 有意应聘者请一并发送申请表http://www.seba.bnu.edu.cn/News/201092422029.html、个人履历、1封推荐信、1篇代表论文等资料至seba_hr@bnu.edu.cn, 邮件名为:“Apply for FT 2011 your name”。 2011年1月,北京师范大学经济与工商管理学院将参加在美国丹佛市举行的美国经济学年会,并在此期间举行人才招聘会,请有意者到丹佛市海悦酒店Centennial Ballroom 4号桌咨询和面谈。欢迎中国留美经济与管理学者、学生提前联系,参加面谈。 附件:申请表 Faculty Position Openings (2011) The School of Economics and Business Administration at Beijing Normal University is one of the excellent business schools in China. After 30 years’ development, SEBA has formed a comprehensive and reasonable discipline structure. She has 6 undergraduate programs, 12 Master’s programs, 2 professional programs including MBA program and MIB program, 5 Doctoral programs, 1 Postdoctoral work station, one national key discipline, and one national key cultivated discipline. The school provides a supportive research environment, research funding. Salaries will be competitive and commensurate with qualifications. We are looking for professors, associate professors and assistant professors including, without limitation, economics, finance, business administration, accounting and e-commerce. Please submit application formhttp://www.seba.bnu.edu.cn/News/201092422029.html, curriculum vitae, a letter of recommendation and a sample research paper to seba_hr@bnu.edu.cn. Your email should be named after “Apply for FT 2011 your name”. School will attend the CES (the Chinese Economist Society) sessions at the ASSA meetings in Denver, CO. in January,2011, and will be available to meet applicants. You will meet us at table 4, Centennial Ballroom, HYATT REGENCY, DENVER.
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