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School of Economics and Management, Southeast University
The history of business studies in Southeast University can be traced back to the establishment of the Business Department of Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1917. The Department of Management Science and Engineering of Nanjing Institute of Technology was established in January 1985. In August 1987, the Nanjing Institute of Technology established the School of Management of Nanjing Institute of Technology on the basis of the Department of Management Science and Engineering, the System Engineering Laboratory of the Institute of Automation, and the Industrial Economics Teaching and Research Group of the Department of Social Sciences. In September 1991, the Department of Economics and Trade of the Southeast University was merged, and the school was renamed the School of Economics and Management of the Southeast University. After more than 100 years of business studies and nearly 40 years of development, the school has become one of the colleges with the largest number of professional categories and has the largest number of students in the Southeast University. Adhering to the concept of "Innovation is the Future," the school shoulders the mission of "nurturing the talents having the world at heart, casting access to new knowledge of the past and the present," takes discipline construction as the leading aim, focuses on moral education and the major strategic needs of the country, and strives to cultivate talent. To realize its vision that "All Students Will Make a Difference," the school forges ahead with determination, explores and innovates to continue to promote high-quality development in discipline construction, personnel training, fostering teaching staff, scientific research, social services, and international education. The School of Economics and Management has first-class doctoral degree programs in Management Science and Engineering, Practical Economics, and Business Administration. It has first-level postdoctoral research groups in Management Science and Engineering and Practical Economics. The school has three Master's degree programs of first-class disciplines in Management Science and Engineering, Practical Economics, and Business Administration. It also has two undergraduate majors in Management (Information Management and Information Systems, Business Administration, Accounting, E-commerce, and Logistics Management) and Economics (International Economics and Trade, Finance, Economics, and Financial Engineering). The School strives to strengthen its academic reputation and maintain the dominant position of "Management Science and Engineering" A- (top 10% in the country), "Practical Economics" B+, "Business Administration" B+ (top 20% in the country). The School of Economics and Managementadheres to the fundamental task of education. At present, it has more than 1,080 full-time undergraduates, 530 postgraduate students, 240 doctoral students, and 1,300 part-time MBA, EMBA, Mpacc, and other professional degrees. Moreover, the
Li Hao
No.2 Southeast University Rd.
Nanjing 211000
Jiangsu China
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