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Shanghai University
The School of Economics at Shanghai University currently has three departments, including the Department of Economics, Department of Finance, and Industrial Economics Research Center, as well as such research institutes as China Economic Research Center of the Service Industry, Financial Information Research Center, and Government Efficiency Research Center, etc. It has a multi-level teaching and research system, including undergraduate, master, Ph.D., and post-doctoral research programs. The School maintains the spirit of the former President, Weichang Qian, adheres to the education methods proposed by Qian, and has accumulated a strong team of faculty members, thanks to Shanghai as one of the international economic and financial centers and supported by the “211” project of Shanghai University. The School focuses on both teaching and research, and insists on the teaching methodology of “general education with solid foundation” for the undergraduate level education. The School is the official partner of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program, and has obtained its official authorization. This makes Shanghai University one of the 10 higher education institutions in mainland China and one of the 128 such institutions in the world with such an authorization. The School is also a partner of the Bank of Communications, and establishes a platform of “Bank-University Cooperation” with the Bank of Communications. Nowadays, the School of Economics at Shanghai University is famous in Shanghai and even in China for its economics and finance education. It is striving toward establishing itself as an internationally recognized and domestically leading high standard research-oriented school, based on the ideology of “caring about the world and its people”. The School currently has more than 100 faculty members. Among the full-time faculty members, almost 60% of them are either Associate or Full Professors, almost 83% of them have doctoral degrees, and almost 62% of them have either overseas degrees or overseas visiting experience of more than one year. During the recent years, the School has hired high-level talents from several famous universities in U.S., Japan, Taiwan, etc., through talents programs, research cooperation, academic teams, etc. Meanwhile, it has also hired senior professionals from finance, trade, industrial and commercial institutions and government departments as external tutors. Therefore, the students are educated through industry, academy, and research. The School has Ph.D. degree granting program of primary discipline of applied economics; three master’s degree granting program of primary discipline of theoretical economics, applied economics, and statistics; and two professional master’s degree granting program of finance and international business. During the recent years, the faculty members have undertaken more than 70 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, National Philosophy and Social Science
Chen Qijie
No.99 Shangda Road,Baoshan Disdinct,Shanghai,China
Shanghai 200444
Shanghai China
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