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China Hospital Development Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
China Hospital Development Institute (CHDI) was founded on July 3, 2011. Focusing on the national health system reform and public hospital reform, CHDI has innovated its managerial mechanism and set up 15 research centers successively based on the subordinated schools and affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the past 5 years, CHDI has made fruitful achievements by launching a series of key research projects themed with “Modern Hospital Management System”, and undertaking high-profile academic forums and high-end training programs. In 2017, CAHD start a new round of construction, and actively echo with “Healthy China 2030 Initiative” and service for the construction of “Healthy Shanghai”. Aiming at building a globally-influential national think tank in health system research, CHDI makes efforts in promoting China’s public and private hospital development researches, and do its best to play vanguard role in national hospital management research and practical exploration. Our work responsibilities are listed as follows: 1) Researches on Hospital Development Theories. Making progress in research on theory and practice of modern hospital management, taking into account actual needs of the reform of public hospitals in China, laying stresses on overall strategies, governance systems, management strategies, quality control, evaluation and appraisal involved in operation and management of hospitals in addition to medical and social dimensions, and rendering consulting services for the reform of public hospitals in China. 2) Hospital Management Training Programs. Playing the entity role, undertaking national-level health personnel training programs, joining hands with Capacity Building and Continuing Education Center of Ministry of Health, Employment Training Center of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other organizations to jointly set up “Public Hospital President Training Base”, “Shanghai Training Base for Medical and Health Personnel”, establishing Health Manager Training Brand of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and laying a solid talent foundation for the development of the Chinese medical and health industry. 3) Hospital Development System Evaluation. Creating knowledge management platform for modern hospital management, systematically summarizing and analyzing the theories, methods and practices of domestic and foreign hospital management, forming systematic, scientific and rational hospital evaluation system and methodology, helping hospitals improve the ability of having access to, sharing and utilizing advanced management ideas and methods, and pinpointing correct direction for the reform and development of public hospitals in China.
Li Guohong
Room 701, Kejiao Building, No.227 South Chongqing Road, Huangpu District
Shanghai 200025
Shanghai China
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