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Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) is a multi-disciplinary University with economics and management science as its principal part, developed in coordination with other branches of learning: humanities, law, science, engineering and arts. The University has 14 schools, 2 teaching centers, 1 independent college, and 51 research institutes. ZUFE is entitled to confer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and is accredited to enroll international students and students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. At present, more than 25, 000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students study at the University. Among its 1400 faculty members, 950 members are full-time teachers. In addition, ZUFE has one postdoctoral research station-the ‘Applied Economics Postdoctoral Station’, one PhD training program-the “National Special Needs Services Personnel Training”, 6 first-level master’s degree programs, 44 second-level master’s degree programs and 8 professional master’s degree programs. Four teachers have been awarded the Sun Yefang Prize-the China’s top economics honor. The university library holds a collection of more than 2.45 million volumes, 2112 academic journals and foreign language periodicals, 2 million e-books and 30,000 e-journals and maintains the database of collected papers of the Nobel Economics Prize holders and database of academic works of the ZUFE. Moreover, ZUFE has established university-to-university cooperation and academic exchanges with 85 foreign counterparts. We adhere to the motto "to study with moral improvement, to progress with time advancement” and are striving to build ZUFE as the first-class university in China and renowned university at the international level, to build an innovative and entrepreneurial university with distinct characteristics. ZUFE believes the talents are the resource of school’s development, and takes efforts to foster diverse, dynamic and talented team with high-quality skills and work ethics. We invite the overseas high-level talents join us.
Zhang Lin
No. 18, Xueyuan Street, Higher Education Zone, Xiasha, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Hangzhou 310018
Zhejiang China
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