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College of Economics Jinan University
Jinan University(JNU)is one of the few universities that boast a long history of more than one hundred years in China. And its running of the major as well as the college of economics is also time-honored, topping the list of Chinese universities. Established in 1906,Jinan University is the first national university for overseas Chinese. The discipline of economics was instituted, as early as the year of 1918, to meet the needs of the overseas Chinese and their returned children. Many well-known economists and educators, such as Ma Yinchu, Wang Yanan, and Chen Biao once taught at the department of economics. The department of economics was transformed to the college of economics in 1980. It is actually one of the earliest colleges of economics in Chinese universities, and one of first ones that were approved by Ministry of Education to grant master’s degree in economics. 1981, major of Political Economics got the first batch of right to award Master degree. 1986, major of Industrial Economics got right to award Doctoral degree. 1998, major of Finance got right to award Doctoral degree. 1999, Post-Doctoral Research Station in Applied Economics was set up. 2002, Industrial Economics was ranked the national primary discipline. 2003, got right to award Doctoral degree in Applied Economics, Level-Ⅰ discipline. 2006, got right to award Doctoral degree in Political Economics, and Master degree in Theoretical Economics. 2007, Industrial Economics and Finance were ranked the national primary disciplines. 2010, got right to award Professional Master degree in Finance, Applied Statistics, Taxation, International Business and Asset Valuation. 2011, got right to award doctoral degree in Statistics, Level-ⅠDiscipline. 2012, Post-Doctoral Research Station in Statistics was set up, Applied Economics, Theoretical economics and Statistics were ranked Guangdong provincial primary disciplines. College of Economics will make great efforts to build a distinctive and first-class discipline, aiming at an international standard and make greater contribution to the economic and social development in China.
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