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Talents Recruitment To College of Economics, Jinan University
Title:  Talents Recruitment To College of Economics, Jinan University
Category:  General Economics and Teaching
Employer:  College of Economics,Jinan University
Deadline:  10/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Post Date:  10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM
Location:  301 College of Economics, Jinan University, 601 Huangpu Avenue West, Guangzhou, China
Contact:  Home Page: Contact: Mr. Yan, Ms. Lee Tel: 86-20-85220567, 86-20-85220167,86-20-85222477 (Fax) Email: Address: 301 College of Economics, Jinan University, 601 Huangpu Avenue West, Guangzhou, China Postal Code: 510632
Describe:  Founded in 1906, Jinan University is one of the few oldest universities in China, with a history of 110 years. It ranks among the National Project 211 University program and is now on her way to achieving High Standard University status. The economics majors of Jinan University started as early as 1918, with a history of nearly a century. In 1980, the College of Economics was set up with the approval of the Ministry of Education (the Education Commission then). Currently, the College has a faculty and staff of 180, 1,900 undergraduates, 1,800 postgraduate students, 6 departments or institutes with teaching tasks, 7 undergraduate majors. The College boasts 3 first-tier masters disciplines: Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics and Statistics. It has 2 first-tier Ph.D. programs in Applied Economics and Statistics,1 second-tier Ph.D. program in Theoretical Economics. In addition, there are 2 post-doctoral scientific stations, 2 National Key Disciplines: Finance and Industrial Economics, 3 Provincial Key Disciplines: Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics and Statistics. In the appraisal conducted by the National Degree and Graduate Studies Center in 2012, our Applied Economics disciplines ranked No. 10 of the 88 universities surveyed. In order to realize the goal of attaining High Standard University, the College intends to attract worldwide 30 talents with high degree and research potential of achievement in the next few years. ▲ Majors or Disciplines Economics, Finance, Public Finance, Regional Economics, International Economics, Labor Economics and Statistics. ▲ Pay and Welfare The College of Economics promises competitive pay and welfare treatment to talents introduced in salaries, research funds, living subsidies, research team building, research platform construction and international cultivation, etc. ▲ Chief Requirements Ⅰ.Leading Talents: those who are selected as awardees of“The Thousand Talents Plan”, “Changjiang Scholars Programme”, Winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars or equivalents. Ⅱ.Outstanding Talents: Those who are listed as awardees of Youth Program of “The Thousand Talents Plan”, Youth Program of“Changjiang Scholars Program”, Top-notch Talents Support Program (Youth) and National Outstanding Youth Science Funds or equivalents. Ⅲ. Youth Backbone Talents: prominent Ph.D. and post-doctoral scholars with adequate prospects, with remarkable research achievements. ▲ Application Materials: Ⅰ. Resume Ⅱ.A list of research programs, theses published (indicating citations in SCI, EI, SSCI or CSSCI, impact factor of journals and quoted numbers of each thesis), awards. Ⅲ. Certificates and copies of research programs, awards and patents. Ⅳ. 5 representative research papers (full). Ⅴ. Copies of certificates of present important academic positions. Ⅵ. Work plans if selected by the College. Note: electronic formats of the above adequate.
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