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CES Event   2017-01-06

Topic CES Sessions at ASSA 2017
Organizer CES
Location Sheraton Hotel Chicago
Contact Wing Thye Woo     wtwoo@ucdavis.edu
Date 2017-01-06  
File 2016-9-25.CES sessions at ASSA Jan 2017.Chicago.pdf

6 Jan 2016, Friday, Sheraton-Mississippi, 12:30 pm – 2:15 pm

Is Secular Stagnation Coming to the Chinese Economy?

Abstract: This panel investigates the sources of the growth slowdown in China since 2011.

Chair: Tony Fang, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Ding Lu, University of Fraser Valley

Changwen Zhao, Development Research Centre of the State Council of China

Dwight Perkins, Harvard University

Jun Zhang, Fudan University


6 Jan 2016, Friday, Sheraton-Mississippi, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The Financial, Innovation, Demographic and International Obstacles to China’s Growth

Abstract: China's growth rate has gone from an annual average of 9.5% in the 1978-2011 period to an expected 6.5% to 7% growth rate in the 2016-2020 period. Is this expectation too pessimistic or too optimistic? This session will discuss four of the main growth obstacles.

Chair: Jun Ma, University of Alabama


Yiping Huang, Peking University

Juwei Zhang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Xiaolan Fu, Oxford University

Wing Thye Woo, University of California at Davis, and Sunway University


7 Jan 2016, Saturday, Sheraton-Mississippi, 1015am – 1215am

Reforming China’s Fiscal System

Abstract: China's fiscal system underwent a comprehensive reform in January 1994. There is great need for another reform in the near future because the many large changes in the Chinese economy since then have rendered the present system highly distortionary (e.g. local government investment vehicles) and ineffective (e.g. income tax).

Chair: Jinlan Ni, University of Nebraska at Omaha


Alan Auerbach, University of California at Berkeley

Ming Lu, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shuanglin Lin, Peking University, and University of Nebraska at Omaha

Bingtao Song, Henan University

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