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CES Event   2012-12-15

Topic 2012 CES President Forum in Kunming, Yunnan
Organizer Chinese Economists Society
Location Kunming, China
Date 2012-12-15  
File Events/CES President Forum 2012 Held in Kunming Final.pdf

The 2012 CES President Forum was held in Kunming on Dec 15-16, 2012. The theme of the Forum was “China in the World Economy: Searching for Sustainable Economic Growth”. The speakers of the Forum include Bruce Sun (1988-89 CES President), Gene Chang (1989-90 CES President), Guoqiang Tian (1991-92 CES President), Guanzhong Wen (1999-2000 CES President), Aimin Chen (2000-01 CES President), ShunFeng Song (2003-04 CES President), Haizheng Li (2006-07 CES President), Jack Hou (2007-08 CES President), Holly H. Wang (2009-2010 CES President), Yanling Wang (2010-11 CES President), Ding Lu (2011-12 CES President), Tony Fang (2012-13 CES President), Jinlan Ni (2013-14 CES President-elect), Li Gan (2003-04 CES BOD), Kunwan Li (2007-08 CES Vice President), Vincent hen (Sheffield University), Yongjun Chen (Renmin University), and Yide Qiao (Shanghai Development Research Fund). The forum was hosted by Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. 

CES President Tony Fang delivered the opening remarks. He said, China is at a crossroads after nearly 35 years of exceptional economic growth averaging of 10 percent per year. According the World Bank, China is poised to surpass the United States as the largest economy by 2030, measured in real GDP. But such rapid economic growth does not come without cost: overutilization of energy and other resources, pollution to the environment, widening income inequality and regional disparity, are substantial issues that China must grapple with as it continues its impressive growth trajectory. There is an urgent need to search for a new economic development strategy that is of higher quality, more balanced, eco-friendly and sustainable. Serious reform efforts are also needed, especially in the financial industry, as well as the state-owned enterprises, and the housing sector. CPC Party Secretary, Professor Wang Rong offered his welcoming remarks. He also introduced the rapid economic growth in Western China in recent years (nearly doubling national average) and called the attention of the CES experts for more studies of this phenomenon. Mr. FengYun Lei, Deputy Director General, State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA), congratulated the opening of the 2012 CES President Forum and praised the significant role played by the CES in enhancing academic and professional exchanges and dialogues between China and the rest of the world, promoting economic reforms and open-door policies in China in the last 27 years, and contributing the high-quality economics and management education and educational reforms in China. Mr. Chaoqi Ruan, Director of SAFEA Brach, introduced the new talent attraction strategies and policies in Yunnan Province and encouraged the CES members to return to China and make greater contributions to the further economic and social development in Yunnan Province and Western China. 

Distinguished Expert of the State Thousands of People Plan, Professor Guoqiang Tian, and Professor Li Gan delivered their keynote speeches, titled, “The Future of China’s Economic Transitions,” and “Income Inequality and Economic Transitions,” which were very well received by the audience. Eighteen CES speakers presented and discussed in five roundtable panels: “Strategies for Sustainable Development”, “Strategies for Growing China’s Overseas Markets for Product and Capital”, “Managing China’s Labor Market: Employment Policies, Human Resources, Returns to Human Capital Investments,” “Evaluating Land Utilization Policies in China,” and “Macro and Micro Policy Challenges in China”.Professor Jack Hou summarized all presentations at the Forum and provided his concluding remarks. The Forum received extensive media coverage by China’s mainstream media

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