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Title CES Service Award Records
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Date 2024-05-23  

CES Award Records

Since its founding in 1985, the Chinese Economists Society has awarded a number of special honors over years, which include:

·           2010 (on the 25th anniversary of CES, Tianjin)

-          3 Outstanding Contribution Awards (with a gold-plated commemorative silver medal engraved with the awardee’s name and award title) to Gregory Chow 邹至庄, Dwight Perkins 帕金斯, and Wu Jinglian 吴敬琏.

-          15 Outstanding Member Awards (with a gold-plated commemorative silver medal engraved with the award title) to Yang Xiaokai 杨小凯, Zhou Xiaochuan 周小川, Lin Justin Yifu 林毅夫, Chi Fuling迟福林, Tang Min 汤敏, Mao Yushi茅于轼, Zhu Min 朱民, Zuo Xuejin左学金, Shan Weijian单伟建, Huang Shaomin 黄少敏, Bao Shumin 鲍曙明, Yu Wei 俞卫, Bruce Reynolds, Keith Maskus, Choeng Young-rok郑永禄.

·           2015 (CES Annual Conference, Chongqing)

-          Lifetime Achievement Award (with a solid-wood plaque) to Hai Wen 海闻

·           2017 (CES Business Meeting, ASSA)

-          Outstanding Service Award (with a solid-wood plaque) to Belton Fleisher

·           2023

CES North America Conference, Oklahoma

-          Lifetime Achievement Award (with a solid-wood plaque) to Jason Yin尹尊生

CES Annual Conference, Wuhan

-          2 Distinguished Fellow Awards to Qian Yingyi 钱颖一 and Tian Guoqiang 田国强

-          2 Pillar of Support Awards to Song Bingtao 宋丙涛and Yao Shujie 姚树洁

-          3 Distinguished Service Awards to Gene Chang 张欣, Lin Shuanglin 林双林, Song Shunfeng宋顺风



Apart from the above special awards,  

-          Each of the first 25 ex-Presidents served from 1985 to 2010 received a gold-plated commemorative silver medal engraved with the receiver’s name and service term in recognition of their leadership and service in 2010 on the 25th anniversary of CES. The receivers include Yu Dahai 于大海,Qian Yingyi 钱颖一,Chen Ping 陈平,Dee Bruce Sun 孙涤,Gene Chang 张欣,Tian Guoqiang 田国强,Yi Gang 易纲,Hai Wen 海闻,Xu Dianqing 徐滇庆,Chun Chang 张春,Fang Xinghai 方星海,Jason Z Yin 尹尊声,Chen Baizhu陈百助,James G. Wen 文贯中,Chen Aimin 陈爱民,David Daokui Li 李稻葵,Lin Shuanglin 林双林,Song Shunfeng 宋顺风,Gordon Guoen Liu 刘国恩,Zhang Xiaobo张晓波,Li Haizheng李海峥,Jack W. Hou 侯维忠,H.  Holly Wang 王红,Hong Yongmiao 洪永淼,and Wang Yanling 王艳灵

-          Each of the ex-Presidents served since 2011 received (or should have received) a solid-wood plaque (typically from the succeeding-term President) in recognition of the person’s leadership and service after completion of the president-term. These include Wang Yanling 王艳灵, Lu Ding陆丁,Tony Fang 方涛,Ni Jinlan 倪金兰,Shi Li Zheng施李正,Wing T. Woo 胡永泰,Ma Jun 马骏,Chen Zhuo 陈卓,Cai Zonwu 蔡综武,Zhang Junfu 张俊富,Qi Li 齐力,Gordon Gao 高国栋.

-          Since 2010, it has been a regular practice for a CES President to award a solid-wood plaque to the Board Directors who have completed the term satisfactorily in recognition of their service and commitment.

-          It has also been a common practice for a CES President to present a solid-wood plaque (or a commemorative souvenir in equivalent effect) to the local institution or its leader(s) in recognition and appreciation of their pillar support to the CES event the President organized.         


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