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Newly Elected At-large Members of the CES Regents

Title Newly Elected At-large Members of the CES Regents
Date 2019-01-23

Dear CES Members,

I am very pleased to announce the two newly elected at-large members of the CES Regents. According to the CES Regent bylaws, they were elected by the five voting members of the CES Regents. They will each serve four years. Congratulations!

At-large members of the CES Regents:

Ding Lu, Shanghai Tech University

Jinlan Ni, University of Nebraska at Omaha


Jun Ma, Northeastern University, Regent Chair, Voting Member 

Shuming Bao, China Data Institute, Executive Director, Non-voting Member

Zhuo Chen, University of Georgia and University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Non-voting Member

Jack Hou, California State University, Long Beach, Voting Member

Lizheng Shi, Tulane University, Voting Member

Wing Thye Woo, University of California at Davis, Voting Member

Jason Yin, Seton Hall University, Voting Member



Associate Professor

MA Graduate Program Director

Department of Economics

Northeastern University


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