Call for Papers: CEJ Special Issue - 2023 CES Conferences

Title Call for Papers: CEJ Special Issue - 2023 CES Conferences
Date 2023-03-28

 Call for Papers

China Economic Journal (CEJ) will publish a special issue following the 2023 Chinese Economists Society (CES) North American conference at the University of Oklahoma and the China Annual conference at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. We welcome submissions about all topics focusing on China in the areas of economics and finance. Submissions are open to papers outside the two conferences, although the papers that have been presented in the above two conferences will be given priority.

The original submission can be either English or Chinese, with final publication in English. For a conditionally accepted article in Chinese, the author(s) are responsible for translating the article into English before it is finally accepted by the editor for publication.

与往年不同,我们今年欢迎优秀中文文章投稿. 文章正式接收后,将由作者翻译成英文发表。参加了留美经济学会北美年会和中国年会的文章将优先考虑。


Guest editors:

Yan Bai,, University of Rochester, USA

Kaiji Chen,, Emory University, USA

Lixin Li,, Peking University, China

Qihong Liu,, University of Oklahoma, USA.

Important dates:

2023.07.01 – 2023.11.15 Paper submission

2023.11.15 – 2024.11.15 Reviewing process and revision submission

November 30, 2024, Acceptance deadline

Please submit your manuscripts to the special issue under Article Type: “VSI: 2023 CES Conference”.