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Announcement of CES 2016 Election Results

Title Announcement of CES 2016 Election Results
Date 2016-08-04

Dear CES members:
The CES Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the voting results for the CES President-Elect, and six Board of Directors 2016-2017. Congratulations to all them.
Chen Zhuo Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CES President-Elect
Qiang Geng Nanjing University Board of Director
Wu Shu University of Kansas Board of Director
Huang Wei Harvard University Board of Director
Luo Zijun Sam Houston State University Board of Director
Liu Qihong University of Oklahoma Board of Director
Zhang Yongjing University of Ottawa Board of Director
The selected CES President-Elect will assume office on September 1st, 2017 as CES President, and six Board
of Directors will assume office on September 1st, 2016 to work together with Dr. Jun Ma, the in-
coming CES President. CES officers are tasked with important duties, as CES President is responsible for the
overall management of CES.
If you have any questions about the online voting system, please contact
Nominating Committee:
Lizheng Shi, Tulane University, Regent Chair, Voting Member
Jinlan Ni, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Voting Member
Tony Fang, University of Manitoba, Voting Member
Ding Lu, University of the Fraser Valley, Voting Member
Jack Hou, California State University, Voting Member
Jason Yin, Seton Hall University, Voting member
Wing Thye Woo, University of California at Davis, Non-voting Member
Jun Ma, University of Alabama, Non-voting Member
Lizheng Shi
Regent Chair (2016), Chinese Economists Society
President (2014-2015), Chinese Economists Society
Regents Professor of Global Health Management and Policy
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Tulane University 
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